Friday, May 8, 2009

The End is Coming!!

Unfortunately, I have not gotten much stitching done since my last post. DD had recital practice all night Wednesday night and DS had his spring choral concert last night.....And tonight is the BIG dance recital night so there will be no stitching tonight. :(

And on top of all of this, there was a little accident with DH truck and now I have to take it today to get an estimate to fix the back quarter panel. Like I have time for all of this right now!! Oh well, just have to roll with it I guess.

I will take pictures of DD all dressed up tonight in her costume. She does look cute when we get everything on and her hair and makeup done.


  1. Hi, Jen! This is proof that my search engines are working - because that's how I found you, you fab Phi Sig, you!

    I did not know you did needlework? I myself love counted cross-stitch on linen. I've been thinking of beginning a new project (now that I have bi-focals, haha). This is exciting, knowing we have this in common!

    Miss you. Have a super day, girl!

    Lisa Romero

  2. LOL!! That is too funny!! I couldn't believe it when my blog popped up on my Phi Sig Google search either!!

    I didn't know that you did needlework either! My great grandma taught me when I was a little girl and I have been doing it ever since!

    Have a great weekend over on the other end of the state!!

    Phi Sig Love,