Monday, May 4, 2009

Crazy Week with a little progress

What a busy and crazy week that I had last week! I was traveling a great deal for work. But I did manage to get a little bit of stitching done. Just a little bit on the July Flip-It and I finished "The Southwest" house on "From Sea To Shining Sea". I was was very happy about that. Here are the pictures of those two projects.

I also took some pictures to share with you of the other months that I already have done. I hope that you like these.

Well I hope that you liked all of these! I will be so glad to get these completed!! Just half of July and August left. Yippee!! Well I am off to pick up my sewing machine, so that I can finally start to play with the embroidery module! I am so excited!! :)


  1. Your flipits look great! I am working n a monthly series as well so I know just how you feel about being almost finished. The end is in sight. Lisa

  2. Hi Jen - Saw your post on my blog and wanted to thank you! First off, I love your starts. The Sea to Shining Sea piece is one that I hope to do sometime in the future! I scrolled down a little bit to catch pieces of your post and I'm going to be really interested in your Mirabilia angel progress. I've been working in my sewing room (love your machine - I have a Bernina Artista because I love to quilt, etc., too), and came across my angel in progress in the trusty WIP box. Unfortunately, I'm not going to continue with her. I stitched in hand back then (btw, the face is to die for when you get to that point) and the white in the wings didn't look very good (white is a hard color to stitch anyway and make it look good). Now I'm a scroll bar stitcher and sometime in the future I'm going to give her another whirl with a new piece of fabric. I've added myself into your Followers and hope to see posts from you soon!

  3. Thanks Deb! I can't imagine doing her in hand! I think that would be next to impossible!! Good luck with the new start!