Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Finish & Other Fun Stuff

Yesterday my DH picked up my framed "Mermaids" piece from my framer. DD really loves it and we think that it is going to go great in her room!! Here is the snap. I think that it turned out great. The color in the snap is a little off as it is after dusk. I forgot to take it during the day with natural light.

I also worked on my "Traveling Stitcher" and finished the stitching on it. Now I just have to get it sewn to the needle book and the bag. I posted a snap of the needle one before, but I am going to post it again. I couldn't get the Needles snap to lighten up at all without really making it look really off. I am going to have to learn to start taking these when it is light out.

I also have a new start. It is the "My Pins" pincushion by Shepherd's Bush. I didn't take a snap of that one because I am almost finished with it and I thought that I would just take it when I was completely done. This was a really quick and easy one.

Also today, we took the kids to a Corn Maze. They had so much fun but boy was it muddy!! This is a great corn maze that starts operation in mid-August. Here is a picture of the kids and DH up on the bridge at the corn maze.
Ok, so I am off now to do some finishing and to sweep the floor. All of these leaves that are falling off the trees onto the ground here in Western Pennsylvania always seem to end up all over my carpets!!

Until next time, Happy Stitching!!

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