Thursday, October 22, 2009

Can It Truly Be A Month???

Can it be truly a month since the last time that I posted here?? I can hardly believe it. But that's what it says. Work has been consuming a lot of my time. But I have been getting some "Stash Enhancement Shopping" done and some work on a couple of projects. With this fabric, I am going to make a notebook cover. I use so many notebooks for work and travel so much, so I always have one stuck in the car or the truck or in almost every bag that I carry. I really like the colors of this.

The next is for a small wristlet. My DD picked out the fabric and she wants me to make it for her. I think that I am going to try to embroider a flower on the front of it before I sew it.

Next is a collection of fabrics that I picked out to work on for a quilt called "Briar Rose". I found this pattern in a magazine and I think that it will be easy enough to start with. I really like these fabrics.
I have been working on a couple of projects when I get the time. The first one is something new that I have tried for the first time recently. It is called "Knotwork" and the pattern is by Theresa Layman. I really like it. It is easy and fairly quick. It is done using just two types of knots, a French Knot and a Colonial Knot. I really like it.
Then of course I have been working on the "Traveling Stitcher" by Little House Needlework. I don't have much more to do except finish the words and put my initials on. Then I will just have to do the finishing work on it.
So you see that I have been busy. Oh yes, I almost forgot. Along with all the traveling for work and follow up work after I got home, my DD had her 7th birthday. Her biggest present was something that she wanted, but that she had no idea that she was getting.
Well, I think that this post has gotten long enough. I will save some for my post tomorrow or Saturday. Thanks for looking and sticking with me. I hope to get back to my more regular schedule of posting on my blog.

Until next time, Happy Stitching!!

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