Friday, April 17, 2009

Yesterday's Adventures

I have not been stitching too much over these past couple of days unfortunately. I think that I am finally getting over this cold. Boy, I do not like being sick!! My DD got it and missed a day of school. She absolutely loves school and it just frustrated her to no end to stay home that day. Then yesterday DH got it as well and missed a day of work. He slept most of the day. Knock on wood that DS hasn't gotten it. I hope that he doesn't.

So while DH was home sick yesterday, I went on the kindergarten field trip to the zoo. The kids has so much fun. We ran all over the zoo and still wish that we had more time. The only bad part was that the bus drivers took the long way down to begin with and then got lost when we got close. They did however learn their lesson and take the shorter way home and didn't get lost. So that was a good thing! LOL! Here is a picture of the kids underneath the shark tank. I thought that this picture was really cool.

I will be working today and then hopefully finishing that Lizzie Kate Monthly Flip-It tonight so that I can take it for mounting tomorrow.

And I am SO excited!! My new Bernina is in and so I am going to pick it up tomorrow and learn how to use some of it. I think that it will take me a while to figure it all out, but I can't wait!!

I am off to work so I hope that everyone has a good day and I hope that you are having the same beautiful weather that we are right now!!

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  1. Looks like you had lots of fun, that's great! Thank you for commentint on my blog. So I am cecking yours out & I LOVE it! You have lots of awesome projects & your stitching is beautiful.